Introducing the Pint-Size Pundit

Gabe Fleisher is an 11-year-old political blogger and pundit from University City. He has a growing e-mail list of fans who follow his coverage of local and national politics and Gabe now has agreed to share his commentary with BeyondNovember. Today he discusses the importance of your vote, even though he is seven years away from casting a ballot of his own.

Over the summer, I read a column in Newsweek magazine by Paul Begala. This column basically said that our national presidential election isn’t really a national election and is decided by 916,643 people, which is 4% of the populations of Virginia, Florida, Ohio, Iowa, New Mexico, and Colorado. And maybe, just maybe, that’s true. Maybe, as Begala says, the votes of the citizens of the 44 other states won’t matter because everyone already knows how most of those states will vote, and those states’ electoral college votes are already obvious. In fact, that probably is 100% true.

But I believe with all my heart that that column right there is NO reason not to drag yourself to the polls on November 6, happy or sad, rain or shine. I know there are a LOT of elections: presidential elections, midterm elections, congressional elections, off-year elections, special elections, re-do elections, state legislative elections, gubernatorial elections, mayoral elections, local elections, county elections, city elections, ballot issue elections – the list goes on and on. But your vote DOES make a difference. Maybe not in the presidential election, the big one between President Obama and Governor Romney. But in all the other elections, CERTAINLY!

Well, maybe you wouldn’t be able to vote if it weren’t for one vote: a women’s right to vote was decided by just one vote in a state legislature. In many other cases, elections have been decided by one vote. If you support a candidate or an issue, don’t hesitate on Election Day. The future of your city, state, country, or even the world could be in your hands.




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