Koster’s Priority: Missouri’s Second Injury Fund

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster says his “immediate priority is to push for a solution to the crisis facing the state’s Second Injury Fund – a solution that protects businesses, workers and Missouri taxpayers.” The Democrat was invited to write about an issue of his choosing by the St. Louis Beacon.

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9 comments on “Koster’s Priority: Missouri’s Second Injury Fund
  1. David E Allen says:

    We are praying now that we have relected you as Missouri Attorney General.
    You will keep your PROMISE!
    And make it your frist “immediate priority to fix the Missouri’s Second Injury Fund.

  2. Judy Seavert says:

    I hope you back this up. I have been waiting for several years for my case to come up. I was very close when the second injury fund was put on hold. I am a senior and live on a fixed income and it is hard to make ends meet so this would a big plus for me in paying my bills, buying medication and make my house payment

  3. Keith says:

    “It doesn’t matter to an employer’s bottom line if they overutilize the Second Injury Fund. It’s only going to cost them 3 percent,” he said. “They want to drive this thing into bankruptcy so the state bails it out and they won’t be responsible for all of those individuals who were hurt on the job at their workplaces.”
    Hurt in 2005 still waiting going broke wife working three jobs
    And the story of the day in the news is an affair go figuire
    “The Second Injury Fund takes money from the big insurance companies and pools it to spread the risks among all employers,” Edwards said. “The insurance companies want to continue to hold onto that money and have the protection of the Second Injury Fund from liability. The insurance lobby and associated industries have a lot of money, and with an election cycle approaching, the Republican General Assembly does not want to sour that revenue stream.” A representative is someone who has either been elected or self appointed in order to promote the views or opinions of a certain group of people. In government the representative is an elected official meant to convey the concerns of their constituents Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster says his “immediate priority is to push for a solution to the crisis facing the state’s Second Injury Fund – a solution that protects businesses, workers and Missouri taxpayers.”
    So let us ask in the state of Missourri Starting about twenty-five years ago, in response to developments such as increased partisanship and uncertainty with respect to how long or controversial the amendment process on the floor might be, the Rules Committee began to issue more procedurally imaginative and complex rules.

    Definition of “Self-Executing” Rule. One of the newer types is called a “self-executing” rule; it embodies a “two-for-one” procedure. This means that when the House adopts a rule it also simultaneously agrees to dispose of a separate matter, which is specified in the rule itself. For instance, self-executing rules may stipulate that a discrete policy proposal is deemed to have passed the House and been incorporated in the bill to be taken up. The effect: neither in the House nor in the Committee of the Whole will lawmakers have an opportunity to amend or to vote separately on the “self-executed” provision. It was automatically agreed to when the House passed the rule.

  4. LaQuina Hall-Allen says:

    Again, we are waiting for some results. It seems that no one cares about the people. We are jus trying survive with a roof over our heads. We have families to feed and cloth. Everyday that this issue goes unresolved, the closer we come to being homeless, out on the streets.

  5. Mitch Underwood says:

    Ok Mr. Koster hope this isn’t a hollow promise is it? Are you a man of your word or a man who just likes to hear himself talk!

  6. Trish says:

    My husband’s case was settled in court a year ago after 9 years- now Mo says, “sorry we can’t pay” As we struggle to pay our Mo taxes at this time of year, I wonder what the state would do if we said, “sorry, we can’t pay”… Please Mr Koster, keep your promise. My husband served his country in Vietnam and his community as a firefighter for 30 years – please help as you promised.

  7. Tammy says:

    Sadly I’m awarded a settlement from 2001 I’ve struggled with no family of support system and my state let’s Me down !I paid huge taxes as a single employee never did i think I’d loose my home vehicle everything! I’ve no way to the store doctor nothing! Do they care they’ve drivers, cooks, homes with heat while a former workaholic myself never dreamt my beloved state would cost me everything I called everyone for info just to be treated like trash. I’ve never been on welfare I contributed to food banks etc. Now I can’t even get help there no transport there! This after the other tragedy state related also, I was told by an actual state official not Chris ,”we have a population problem and can’t save everyone !” I was Told that and at 36 you’d think they’d rather had me become a viable citizen again, but he not Chris! Basically told me I don’t matter. Everywhere ive called they say too bad i don’t have kids well excuse me I was busy with a career paying INSANE taxes to be left homeless and basically told I’m unnecessary after they tolk my money and like the lady said we owe them a penny be careful might go to jail they can owe US but we better pay! God help us all 11yrs I’ve watched everything I have dissapear including me . Thanx Mo please help US Chris I campaigned votes for you praying Jan tg you do as promised. Save our own first . Plus it would help the economy there’d be more money in circulation because we all ate in need homes cars food clothes things some of US have been forced to do without since 2001! Blesssings to all!!!

  8. allen and chis robinette says:

    Anyone that is wanting to join me and my husband on the Second Injury Fund to put pressure on Jefferson city so we can get our money please contact me at mwebs200@yahoo.com in the subject line please put second injury fund. Thanks for your time…

  9. allen robinette says:

    I am trying to get some people togather to go to Jefferson City to the capitol on the second injury fund when they go back into session. (that is if the weather is go to go) anyone intrested please email me at mwebs200@yahoo.com and in the subject line put second injury fund. We need to go togather to make a better impact.

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