The Pint-Sized Pundit Has Special Plans For Halloween

Tonight is HALLOWEEN! I can’t wait!

I get to trick-or-treat in my neighborhood with my friends, and the best part…CANDY!!! I’ll be dressed up as Barack Obama. I got a cool mask and I’m going to wear a tie or something, and I’m carrying around a birth certificate. It will be pretty awesome.

And not just that, but I convinced my best friend to go as Mitt Romney! And now, he has a mask too, and a binder full of women.. At every door, we’re planning on thanking people for their delicious candy, and then telling them Election Day is in less than a week, so PLEASE VOTE on November 6.

Easy. It’s like everybody in America is already canvassing. You don’t even need to do it for a candidate. Just tell them to vote and walk away.

First, to those who can’t vote, like me. This is a perfect opportunity to take action even if you can’t fill in the oval, or press the button, or pull the lever.

And to those who CAN VOTE, you can do it too. Tell your kids to do this or follow them around when they trick-or-treat (but leave someone to give out candy!!!) Oh, I love this holiday.

Well, you can take the advice or not, but please remember: November 6 is a week away. It’s your patriotic duty to VOTE!!!

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