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Nixon Announces Full Support For Medicaid Expansion, Faces Opposition From GOP

Gov. Jay Nixon announced his full support for expanding the state’s Medicaid program, a key provision of the Affordable Care Act that he contends will bolster the state’s economic fortunes and help poor Missourians get access to health care. But the Democratic governor’s advocacy could face a steep challenge in the Republican-led Missouri General Assembly, unless GOP legislators make an about face from their decision in 2005 to cut eligibility for the health-care program for the poor.

Read Jason Rosenbaum’s report in the St. Louis Beacon.

Read the coverage from the Associated Press and Kelsey Proud at St. Louis Public Radio.

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New Poll Shows Support For Closer City-County Ties

Supporters of a closer relationship between St. Louis city and county can take heart from a new survey. A poll of 700 voters taken at the beginning of September found that a strong majority thought some form of unification was worth exploring. Read Rachel Lippmann’s report for St. Louis Public Radio.

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First Amendment Advocate John Seigenthaler On The Threat From The Internet

John Seigenthaler, founder of the First Amendment Center, spoke Thursday at  a fundraiser for the Gateway Journalism Review.  He believes “flash and trash” journalism on the internet is a threat to our First Amendment freedoms.

Listen to his interview with Don Marsh at St. Louis Public Radio.

Read his interview with Dale Singer of the St. Louis Beacon.

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The Politically Speaking Podcast

St. Louis Public Radio’s Chris McDaniel joins the St. Louis Beacon’s Jo Mannies and Jason Rosenbaum to talk about Gov. Jay Nixon taking a stance on Medicaid expansion; GOP plans to cut taxes and St. Louis County’s LGBT non-discrimination ordinance.

Follow Chris McDaniel on Twitter@csmcdaniel

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Follow Jason Rosenbaum on Twitter@jrosenbaum

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Big Money Didn’t Lose

Chad Flanders, an assistant professor at Saint Louis University School of Law, aims to debunk the conventional wisdom that voters overcame big money in politics. Read his commentary in the St. Louis Beacon.

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Nixon Is All In For Medicaid Expansion

Gov. Jay Nixon says expanding Medicaid eligibility in Missouri is both “the smart thing” and “the right thing to do.” Nixon announced his support for the expansion Thursday, saying it could provide health care coverage to an additional 300,000 Missourians. Read the Associated Press report at St. Louis Public Radio.

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Medicaid Expansion Debate Shifts Into High Gear With Billions At Stake

The battle has been joined in Missouri over Medicaid with publication of a new study that says expansion of the program would bring billions in benefits. U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., took a strong stand in favor of the measure on Wednesday and Gov. Jay Nixon is expected to highlight his support for Medicaid expansion today. Read the report from Robert Joiner and Rob Koenig in the St. Louis Beacon.

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Trillin Shares Thrillin’ campaign poetry with Don Marsh

Photo of Calvin Trillin © Richard Stamelman.

The guest on Wednesday’s St. Louis On The Air was Calvin Trillin. He’s a guest of top billin’. He talked with host Don Marsh. It was an interview, which despite the political climate, was not harsh. Discussion of politics is witty, and focuses less on Obama than it does on Mitty.

Listen to the podcast.

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Zoo-Museum District Commissioners Deadlock On History Museum Audit

Commissioners of the Zoo-Museum District deadlocked Wednesday on  a report highly critical of the Missouri History Museum. Some of the strongest criticisms made during the board’s meeting were of the compensation for museum president Robert Archibald. Read Dale Singer’s report in the St. Louis Beacon.

Read Adam Allington’s report for St. Louis Public Radio.

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Missouri Supreme Court Hears Arguments In McKee’s Northside Redevelopment Plan

The question that could determine whether Paul McKee gets a $390 million tax break to redevelop a large swath of north St. Louis made its way to the Missouri Supreme Court Wednesday.But it’s not clear whether 45 minutes of oral arguments brought the judges closer to an answer. Read Dale Singer’s report in the St. Louis Beacon. Read Marshall Griffin’s report for St. Louis Public Radio.

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