A Special Page For Illinois Voters

We have assembled this page of useful links to help Illinois voters find information for the Nov. 6 elections. The links supplement our voters’ guide for Illinois races, which has proved to be particularly difficult to assemble because of the way the state organizes its material.

Beyond November archive of stories and media clips on Illinois races

Sample Ballots

Illinois voters who want to acquaint themselves with the candidates and issues they will be considering in the voting booth on Nov. 6 can see sample ballots through these links:

Madison County specimen ballot lookup

St. Clair County specimen ballot lookup

Jersey County specimen ballot

Candidate Positions

Illinois voters seeking more information about candidates on their ballot will want to check the voter’s guide of the Belleville News-Democrat through the links below.

Illinois races for the U.S. House of Representatives:

Candidates for the 12th Congressional District

Candidates for the 13th Congressional District

Candidates for the 15th Congressional District

Illinois state house races:

Illinois State House

Illinois State Senate

Local races in Illinois:

Clinton County

Judicial races

Madison County

Monroe County

Randolph County

St. Clair County

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One comment on “A Special Page For Illinois Voters
  1. Jeff Daggett says:

    Yet there’s no Adams County info… So much for Quincy Public Radio.

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