More Than A Voters’ Guide

When the Nine Network, the St. Louis Beacon and St. Louis Public Radio created the collaborative called Beyond November we aimed to serve voters in unique and interesting ways. Our Voters’ Guide is a direct result. Our guide offers more than most in that it links to stories, podcasts, and videos from our staff that give voters context and nuance. Here we have brought to bear the talents available to us from three great non-profit organizations.

You also get the basics: background information on the candidates with many of them answering questions posed by our staff. As with most guides, you can make your choices and print out a ballot to take with you to the polls.

You can spend five minutes with the guide or five hours. It’s up to you. Even in the final days ahead of the election we are adding more to the guide, because we know many voters will be making decisions down to the wire — maybe not so much about who they want to be president, but for the U.S. Senate, the House, statewide races and for offices much further down the ticket. In some cases, we are still waiting for candidates to respond to our questions.

Illinois races have proved to be particularly nettlesome, not so much because of the candidates, but because of the way the state organizes its material. Getting our system to interact with theirs has been challenging — and not unique to our particular system. Illinois voters may find the interactive experience a little less nifty. But we have put in place some work-arounds that will help them get informed. Here’s a page that you will  find helpful if you live in Illinois.

Special page for Illinois voters

Please use the guide and let us know how it works for you.

Dick Weiss

Managing Editor

Beyond November

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4 comments on “More Than A Voters’ Guide
  1. Angela Hopewell says:

    I am SO disappointed in your voters guide. I wanted to hear from objective journalists about all the candidates (or judges, or propositions) and have a reasoned presentation about the pros and cons of each choice. What do you give? Next to nothing! Just links to the candidates own websites/statements. This is useless. Why not just listen to a few ads and robo-calls and make my decisions that way?! This site is a shame.

    • rweiss says:

      Are you not seeing links in the guide that point to the kinds of stories that you are talking about. If not, I recommend that you go to the Beyond November homepage where there are dozens of stories on everything from the candidates positions to the ballot propositions. The Voters’ Guide is, however, one place that does give candidates a chance to speak directly to voters without a filter … and to address questions in whatever way they want.
      Dick Weiss
      Managing Editor for Beyond November

  2. Monica says:

    Why don’t you show any third arty candidates for president?

    • rweiss says:

      An oversight and a good catch on your part. Our e-voter providers gave us the information for the presidential race, while we focused on the local race. When we asked about this today, they said they decided not to include the other candidates for president. Rather astounding. We are trying to address this on our end as quickly as possible.

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