Final Thoughts From The Pint-Sized Pundit As You Go To Vote

Gabe Fleisher, the Pint-Sized Pundit

WOW! We are here! Welcome to Election Day 2012! I know some of you probably have already voted; maybe you’re on the way to the polls right now. This is a truly great day. Every year, Americans participate in this great democratic activity. Just think about it – millions of American citizens will step into a voting booth and VOTE!!! It just makes you LOVE this great country above almost all other things.

I KNOW you are going to vote, because you’re good citizens, and I believe that. I think all of your friends are going to vote too, and this country is just on a great track already. Voting isn’t just something you do to get out of work for a couple minutes, in my case, Election Day isn’t just an excuse to get out of school, and it’s a chance to witness a truly amazing act. The day after the end of the Constitutional Convention, a woman caught Ben Franklin walking out of the Pennsylvania State House. “Well Doctor,” she said, “what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” “A republic, madam, if you can keep it,” he replied.

So, just for fun, I looked up republic on, and this was the first definition: “a state in which the supreme power rests in the body of citizens to vote…” That’s right, WE are the supreme power in the country, because Ben Franklin and a lot of other men from the late 18th century gave us this thing, the right and privilege to vote. Remember Franklin’s words. He didn’t just say “a republic”, he continued and challenged the lady and all of America to “keep it.” Now, assist in the “keeping” of our country, to ensure we stay as the U.S. of A for another 200+ years. Our forefathers kept the republic by voting every time the November day came around, in the cold, inwet, in sun – whatever! Now, it’s our turn. Today. Right NOW. YOU are the supreme power of this republic, so go VOTE!!! GO KEEP IT!

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One comment on “Final Thoughts From The Pint-Sized Pundit As You Go To Vote
  1. Laura P says:

    Wow! Gabe! YOU have my vote!

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