Beyond November Pledges To Live Up To Its Name

Kelsey Proud said it best in the wee hours this morning when she closed the streaming news feed running on our website:

Thanks so much for joining us here tonight and for following all of our coverage on More is still to come as we wrap up all that has happened on this election day and night. Remember, we’re concerned not only with tonight but everything Beyond November.

Proud is web producer at St. Louis Public Radio, one of dozens of staffers at the three public media organizations that are partners in a unique collaboration that we designed to bring you coverage of the candidates, their campaigns and the issues important to residents in Missouri and Illinois. When we got going in the late spring of this year thanks in large measure to a grant from the St. Louis-based Deer Creek Foundation, one of the first matters at hand was to choose a name. It was Ed Reggi, digital strategist at the Nine Network who first suggested Beyond November. We liked it, even though the first big news event coming up was the Missouri primary in August.

Beyond November suggested so much all at once:

That we would go above and beyond in terms of the depth and breadth of our coverage.

That we would demonstrate staying power. We weren’t just in it to cover the horse race, but also to hold accountable those who would be transformed from victorious candidates in November to officeholders the following year.

As the campaign unfolded, the Nine Network, St. Louis Public Radio and the St. Louis Beacon built a partnership that focused our attention and our skills on reaching an audience hungry for straightforward, unbiased coverage of the candidates and their campaigns. Together we were able to maximize our use of state-of-the-art tools. When we jumped on a story we could tell it online, on television, on the radio and through social media. But we are proud too, that we stayed old school when it came to the verities of journalism — accuracy and fairness. Not just getting the facts right, but assembling the right facts to facilitate engagement and understanding.

We hope that we have lived up to this promise to provide coverage above and beyond that we made to ourselves and to you. Today we kick our coverage into an even higher gear and we ask your help. On our homepage, you will find a survey seeking your opinion about how we have done. We hope you will take a few minutes to fill it out. Even more important, we hope you will continue to follow us at Beyond November.

Richard Weiss, Managing Editor


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