CLOUT: Callow Found Campaign Thrilling; Hulshof Not So Much

Over the course of the recently concluded election campaign, Tim Poor profiled 16 pols and pundits who influence the candidates and their campaigns. Now in the aftermath, we are checking back to get their takes on the outcome. Weighing in today: Richard Callow and Renee Hulshof.

Callow is a Democratic publicist, the president of Public Eye Inc. and campaign guru for St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay.  Hulshof is a Republican commentator on KFRU-AM in Columbia, Mo.

Biggest thrill:

Callow: The election of combat pilot, double-amputee, tri-lingual Tammy Duckworth in IL 08.   Best line of her campaign: “I just had to do more with my life.”

Hulshof: The thrill is gone!

Biggest disappointment:

Callow: Scott Brown’s loss in Massachusetts cost me a share of the win in my Election Night bracket.  I will ask for a recount if Brown is named to the US Senate vacancy when John Kerry vacates it to become US Secretary of State.

Hulshof: The Romney loss. The unemployment rate at or near 8%, the Benghazi scandal and the faltering economy would have spelled doom for any Republican, but not, apparently, for this administration.

Biggest surprise

Callow:  Democrats’ Election Night parties. How could savvy Gov. Nixon and AG Koster not have foreseen that the regional and national media would all be going to Claire McCaskill’s party at the Chase, not to their party at the Pageant?

Hulshof: That the US Senate race in Missouri was not closer. I had predicted a McCaskill win, but with a much tighter margin. The numbers were a surprise.

Big picture —  What will this election will mean for the United States?

Callow:  Second terms challenge their presidents. More have tarnished their legacies than built them; most of them risk it.

Hulshof: Either the chance for some decent reform if the White House and Senate decide to play ball with the House. Or just more of the same morass.

Smaller picture – What will this election will mean for Missouri?

Callow: Ambitious MO Democrats will try on Republican rhetoric. So will ambitious MO Republicans.

Hulshof:  Nothing changes–the Missouri House has a veto proof majority and the Senate stayed with Republicans as well. This means Governor Nixon’s hands stay tied and his campaign promises from yesteryear remain unfulfilled (as we knew they would).

What the election means for 2014

Callow : A hunt for red November.

Hulshof:  Another 1/3 of the US Senate is up, with the majority being Democrats; therefore if the policies of this administration continue to flounder, it could mean a change in control.

What the election means for 2016:

Callow: Missouri may produce one or more Democratic presidential contenders.

Hulshof: Too soon to tell–the economy will be the decider.

Message from the electorate to Republicans:

Callow: “Too much tea is dangerous. We’ll try some coffee.”

Hulshof:  “Define yourself.”

Message from the electorate to Democrats:  

Callow: “¿Quisiera bailar conmigo?”

Hulshof: “We’re still holding you in check with a Republican House.”

Anything else?

Hulshof: Pass the popcorn. It’s gonna be an interesting time!


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