The Gender Pay Gap As A Graphic

The website LearnStuff created an interesting infographic that shows the gender wage gap since the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act was signed into law. “Even with moves toward equalizing pay between men and women, men still make almost 20% more than women in nearly all industries,” according to LearnStuff.

 View the infographic at LearnStuff.

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New York Times Exit Poll Graphic Shows How Missourians Split Their Votes

A very cool New York Times graphic shows how various demographic groups voted in the presidential election. For instance, you can sort and sift how young and older voters, African-Americans, Hispanics and Asians, college-educated and high-school graduates voted in Missouri. You can then compare those results with previous elections.

Click here.

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What You Can Expect On Election Night From Beyond November

As the 2012 campaign reaches the wire, we want to let you know how to stay informed through Beyond November, a collaboration  of the Nine Network, the St. Louis Beacon and St. Louis Public Radio.

Today and and until the polls close at 7 p.m. Tuesday you can visit the homepage of and make use of the Voters’ Guide. Fill in your street address and zipcode and the guide will provide you with information on the races in your jurisdiction. There you will find candidates addressing questions that we have posed along with the news coverage that our partners have provided over the last several months.

You can watch a televised version of the Voters’ Guide that aired Monday night. Jim Kirchherr hosted the program which provides information on all the key races, along with four ballot propositions in Missouri. Click here to watch clips from the show.

On election night, you can find results and analysis at the Beacon and the St. Louis Public Radio websites, but it all will be aggregated on, which will include audio, video and social media feeds. Links will be provided to election authorities where you can get up to the minute vote totals for the races that interest you the most.

On televison, the Nine Network will bring you full election coverage on Nine PBS with the NewsHour’s Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff, while giving you local election coverage on Nine World (9.3 and 84) in a simulcast with KSDK. The broadcast will originate from the Nine Network and KSDK and include analysis from a wide array of experts along with  reporters from the St. Louis Beacon and St. Louis Public Radio. Casey Nolen  of KSDK and Jim Kirchherr of Nine will anchor the broadcast.

On radio: Bill Raack and Don Marsh will anchor local coverage on St. Louis Public Radio while NPR provides the national coverage on 90.7 FM.

On Twitter: Follow our reporters who will be filing updates under the hashtag #beyondnov.

At the Contemporary Art Museum: CAM and Beyond November are teaming up to present an election night watch party that will inform entertain and stimulate your thinking about politics and the arts.  Many of the analysts appearing on the Nine Network-KSDK television special will also speak at the watch party.

Admission is free and features a cash bar and food trucks at the site. Doors open at 7 p.m. at the museum, which is located in Grand Center, at 3750 Washington Boulevard. CAM will remain open until the final results are declared when a celebration will will be held with a balloon drop and apple pie.

And, finally, you can get a free daily e-mail update with all the headlines from the past 24 hours by visiting This service continues right up to the election …. and BEYOND, because elections aren’t just about the horse race, but what the candidates deliver — or don’t — after they become officeholders.

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The Voters’ Guide On Video

The Nine Network’s Jim Kirchherr anchored a video version of our Voters’ Guide on Monday. View the highlights here.

Missouri Senate Race Discussion:

The Back Fence:

Health Care:

Missouri Races:

Public Insight Network:

Missouri Senate Race:

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Here’s A Quick, Easy Way To Make Up Your Mind About Retaining Judges

The Missouri Bar Association provides a website that evaluates the judges. Click here to visit the site.

Read Dale Singer’s story for the St. Louis Beacon on judicial retention.

Former Post-Dispatch editor Tim Bross puts the voting in a particular perspective with his commentary

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‘Souls To The Polls’ Rolls In St. Louis Area

A new group in St. Louis will help people get to the polls Tuesday. More than 40 churches in St. Louis and in St. Louis and Jefferson counties are participating in a nonpartisan effort called Souls to the Polls, providing rides to people who need them.

Read Erin Williams’ report at St. Louis Public Radio.

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The November 6: Top Stories About The Ballot Questions

Missouri voters will be asked four questions on their ballots Tuesday — five if they live in St. Louis, and six if they live in St. Louis Country.

Constitutional Amendment 3 would amend the Missouri Constitution to change the “Missouri Plan” — the way Supreme Court and Court of Appeals judges are selected. Confusing the issue for voters is that the amendment’s backers decided not to campaign for it the measure a dispute over the ballot language.

Three propositions would amend Missouri law: Prop. A would give St. Louis control of its municipal police department; Prop. B would increase the tax on cigarettes and other tobacco products; and Prop. E would prohibit the establishment by the state of the health insurance exchanges mandated by the Affordable Care Act.

Prop. R in St. Louis would amend the city charter to cut the Board of Aldermen to 14 members from 28.

In St. Louis County under Prop. S the Special School District is seeking a 19-cent increase in its property tax rate; and Prop. L would increase the property tax rate by 6 cents for libraries.

Here are eight links — six just won’t do — to reporting at Beyond November to help you assess the ballot questions as Nov. 6 nears.

 1. Backers of the judge selection amendment  say they are backing away from the campaign. Read the report by Dale Singer and Jo Mannies at the St. Louis Beacon.

2. After 151 years of state control of the St. Louis police department, advocates of local control have finally got a statewide measure on the Nov. 6 ballot that asks voters to allow St. Louis City Hall to take over. Read Jo Mannies’ report on ballot Proposition A at the St. Louis Beacon.

3. Missourians for Health and Education vs. Enough Taxes Already. In the ballot-question battle over whether Missouri should stick with the lowest tobacco tax in the nation or increase it to fund schools and anti-smoking campaigns, the names of the opposing groups say it all. Read Dale Singer’s report at the St. Louis Beacon.

4. Some GOP lawmakers and Missouri Tea Party members are hoping a November ballot initiative will prevent the state from setting up the health insurance exchange called for by the Affordable Care Act. Read Robert Joiner’s report at the St. Louis Beacon.

5. It’s not that St. Louis Ward 7 Alderman Phyllis Young wants to put some colleagues out of a job. She just thinks they would do their jobs better if there were fewer of them. Read and listen to Rachel Lippmann’s report at St. Louis Public Radio.

6. “St. Louis on the Air” tackles the issues of the tobacco tax, local control, judicial selection and health insurance exchanges in a series of audio podcasts. Find the podcasts at St. Louis Public Radio.

7. The number of students diagnosed with autism is growing and that’s one reason why the Special School District of St. Louis County is seeking a 19-cent increase in its property tax rate on the November ballot.  Read Dale Singer’s report in the St. Louis Beacon.

8. Voters trying to decide whether to back St. Louis County Library’s request for a 6-cent property tax increase — Proposition L — might welcome some of the explorer skills of Lewis and Clark to figure out what might happen to the library branch that bears their name. Read Dale Singer’s report at the St. Louis Beacon.





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A Special Page For Illinois Voters

We have assembled this page of useful links to help Illinois voters find information for the Nov. 6 elections. The links supplement our voters’ guide for Illinois races, which has proved to be particularly difficult to assemble because of the way the state organizes its material.

Beyond November archive of stories and media clips on Illinois races

Sample Ballots

Illinois voters who want to acquaint themselves with the candidates and issues they will be considering in the voting booth on Nov. 6 can see sample ballots through these links:

Madison County specimen ballot lookup

St. Clair County specimen ballot lookup

Jersey County specimen ballot

Candidate Positions

Illinois voters seeking more information about candidates on their ballot will want to check the voter’s guide of the Belleville News-Democrat through the links below.

Illinois races for the U.S. House of Representatives:

Candidates for the 12th Congressional District

Candidates for the 13th Congressional District

Candidates for the 15th Congressional District

Illinois state house races:

Illinois State House

Illinois State Senate

Local races in Illinois:

Clinton County

Judicial races

Madison County

Monroe County

Randolph County

St. Clair County

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More Than A Voters’ Guide

When the Nine Network, the St. Louis Beacon and St. Louis Public Radio created the collaborative called Beyond November we aimed to serve voters in unique and interesting ways. Our Voters’ Guide is a direct result. Our guide offers more than most in that it links to stories, podcasts, and videos from our staff that give voters context and nuance. Here we have brought to bear the talents available to us from three great non-profit organizations.

You also get the basics: background information on the candidates with many of them answering questions posed by our staff. As with most guides, you can make your choices and print out a ballot to take with you to the polls.

You can spend five minutes with the guide or five hours. It’s up to you. Even in the final days ahead of the election we are adding more to the guide, because we know many voters will be making decisions down to the wire — maybe not so much about who they want to be president, but for the U.S. Senate, the House, statewide races and for offices much further down the ticket. In some cases, we are still waiting for candidates to respond to our questions.

Illinois races have proved to be particularly nettlesome, not so much because of the candidates, but because of the way the state organizes its material. Getting our system to interact with theirs has been challenging — and not unique to our particular system. Illinois voters may find the interactive experience a little less nifty. But we have put in place some work-arounds that will help them get informed. Here’s a page that you will  find helpful if you live in Illinois.

Special page for Illinois voters

Please use the guide and let us know how it works for you.

Dick Weiss

Managing Editor

Beyond November

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The November 6: Six Top Stories And Interviews About The House Race In Illinois 12

plummerenyartpaula bradshawJerry Costello has served the 12th Congressional District of Southern Illinois for 24 years, a seat that has been traditionally Democratic for decades. But Costello is not seeking re-election, putting the seat in play. Democrat Bill Enyart, former adjutant of the Illinois National Guard; Republican Jason Plummer, a lumber businessman; and Green Party hopeful Paula Bradshaw, an emergency room nurse are vying to replace Costello.

Here are six inks to reporting at Beyond November to help you assess the candidacies of Bradshaw, Enyart and Plummer leading up to the Nov. 6 election.

1. “St. Louis on the Air” host Don Marsh interviews Enyart. Listen to the interview at St. Louis Public Radio

2. Plummer joins Marsh for an interview. Listen to the interview at St. Louis Public Radio.

3. Marsh interviews third-party hopeful Bradshaw. Listen to the interview at St. Louis Public Radio.

4. In their third and final broadcast debate, Enyart and Plummer spar heatedly over policy differences, personal wealth and truthfulness. Read Jason Rosenbaum’s report at the St. Louis Beacon.

5. Plenty of dominoes would have to fall for Democrats to retake the U.S. House, but Democrats can ill afford to lose traditionally solid seats like Illinois’ 12th District. Read Jason Rosenbaum’s overview in the St. Louis Beacon.

6. Plummer and Enyart courted older adults in different cities in late September, with Enyart emphasizing his affinity for President Barack Obama and Democrats’ defense of Medicare. Plummer criticized the Affordable Care Act and said it would hurt seniors. Read Chris McDaniel’s report for St. Louis Public Radio.

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