Q/A With Mayoral Candidate Jimmie Matthews

Former Alderman Jimmie Matthews talks with St. Louis Public Radio report Chris McDaniel about his opponents, allegations that he’s merely a stalking horse, and his plans if he scores an upset win.

Listen to the podcast. 

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Sam Dotson Named New City Police Chief

Sam Dotson,  an 18-year veteran of the St. Louis Police Department who has forged a close working relationship with Mayor Francis Slay, is the city’s new police chief.

Read the report from Kelsey Proud and Rachel Lippmann at St. Louis Public Radio.

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Nixon Is All In For Medicaid Expansion

Gov. Jay Nixon says expanding Medicaid eligibility in Missouri is both “the smart thing” and “the right thing to do.” Nixon announced his support for the expansion Thursday, saying it could provide health care coverage to an additional 300,000 Missourians. Read the Associated Press report at St. Louis Public Radio.

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Missouri GOP Says Message Is OK, Delivery Needs Work

Missouri Republicans say the party doesn’t need to change its conservative philosophy but must build a stable of strong candidates who can communicate what the GOP stands for. Legislative leaders say the party’s historic gains in the House are a good start.

Read Jo Mannies’ report at the St. Louis Beacon.

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Politically Speaking For November 7th, 2012

Listen to the podcast here.

It’s the post-election Politically Speaking special. Chris McDaniel of St. Louis Public Radio joins Jo Mannies and Jason Rosenbaum of the St. Louis Beacon to wrap up last night’s races.

We go through McCaskill’s decisive win over Akin as well as all the state-wide races. We also throw in a couple Congressional seats, Missouri legislature make-up, and the ballot initiative results.

Follow Chris McDaniel on Twitter@csmcdaniel

Follow Jo Mannies on Twitter@jmannies

Follow Jason Rosenbaum on Twitter@jrosenbaum

  • See more stories on issues and elections from St. Louis Public Radio, the St. Louis Beacon and Nine Network of Public Media at BeyondNovember.org.


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Obama projected winner, Dems holding Senate

Several networks projected President Obama the winner over Gov. Romney after projecting he would win key swing states, including Ohio. Projected wins by four Democratic women are putting Democrats in a strong position to hold control of the Senate.

New York residents still without power warm themselves by a fire.

Read the report at the St. Louis Beacon

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CLOUT: Gwen Reed, The Operative Who Helped Clay Crush Carnahan

CLOUT is a regular feature from Beyond November that profiles the pols, pals and pundits who influence the candidates and their campaigns. Have a suggestion for a Clout profile? Send an e-mail to Richard Weiss at rweiss@stlbeacon.org.

This interview for Beyond November was conducted and written by Tim Poor, a former Washington correspondent and national editor of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Name:  Gwen Reed

Party: Democrat

Age: 68

Education:  University of Missouri

Clout: Reed was one of the first African-American teachers in the Hazelwood School District and retired in 1999 after 30 years of teaching.  She also worked for former U.S. Rep. Bill Clay for 25 years on a part time basis.  After both she and Clay retired, she went on to be an assistant campaign manager for Lacy Clay in 2000, and was a full time staffer for him, handling constituent services; she ran his most recent campaign, in which he defeated Rep. Russ Carnahan in the Democratic primary. In 2008, Reed was elected Democratic committeewoman in St. Louis County, and was re-elected to that post this year. She served as president of the St. Louis Community College Board for six years. She’s currently serving as vice chair of Congressional Awards Council of Missouri, a bipartisan board. And she’s been an informal advisor to untold other Democrats over the years.

Current campaign work:  Clay and Obama; she’s helping to coordinate a rally for Obama and other Democrats from 3 p.m.-5 p.m. Sunday at Veterans Memorial Park, 2577 Redman Ave. in Florissant.

The (third) presidential debate:  “Is there another word for awesome? I was a delegate for (John) Kerry when Obama first came on the scene. When he spoke at 2004 convention, he was just awesome.”  It was not the Obama she saw in the first two debates, but Monday night, “That was the Obama that I remember.  He was focused, he was determined and he was forthright.  Everything he said was correct.  I’m so sorry Mitt Romney is on a different wavelength.  Obama gets it.”

I know I’ve done a good job (as a teacher) when  …: “I see my former students and they remember me and they’re all doing well.  When my kids would call me ‘Mom,’ even when I wasn’t their mom.”

I know I’ve done a good job (in politics) when …: “When Lacy Clay calls me every day and says, ‘Thank you.’”

Beyond November: “Education, that’s going to be at the forefront.  Pulling the kids’ scores up, getting students to understand, especially in the black community they must get engaged.  Education and jobs.”

Biggest political disappointment:  Losing the Democratic primary for St. Louis License Collector to Tom Nash.

Political heroes:  “My father.  He had me standing on the corner at five years old handing out literature.  He was my first introduction into politics. My husband (the late Helton Reed Jr.). Lacy, because he’s really a compassionate person. And Bill Clay.  He’s true to his word.”

Most important race: President.  “Because he’s the head of the nation.   We’ve got to get Gov. Nixon back, we’ve got to get Claire McCaskill back.”

Underrated race:  The presidential race in Missouri.  “I don’t see enough activity. I know the Obama campaign has written off Missouri, but it’s there for the taking if we work hard.”

Biggest primary surprise:  “I got more votes than any committeeperson in the county,” although she was running unopposed.

Akin/McCaskill prediction: “If we get up and do what we have to do, Claire has got to win this.  What would happen to Missouri if Akin goes to DC as a senator?  His values are not the values of my community.”


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A Conversation With Illinois 12th Candidate Jason Plummer

“St. Louis on the Air” host Don Marsh talks with Republican Jason Plummer, a lumber businessman from O’Fallon, Ill., who is running against Democrat Bill Enyart and Green Party candidate Paula Bradshaw to replace U.S. Rep. Jerry Costello in Illinois’ 12th district.

Listen to the interview at St. Louis Public Radio.

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Debates For Missouri Races Are Few And Far Between

In a year where debates are playing a particularly large role in the presidential contest, there’s been a rather glaring dearth of face-to-face encounters between candidates for Missouri-based offices. Read Jason Rosenbaum’s report at the St. Louis Beacon.

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GOP Worried That Debate-Barred Libertarian Will Take Akin Votes

Republicans are concerned that the candidacy of Libertarian Jonathan Dine will siphon conservative votes away from U.S. Rep. Todd Akin in his bid to unseat Democrat Claire McCaskill.  But Dine, who is getting a healthy 9 percent of the vote in a recent poll, has been barred from Thursday night’s Senate debate.

Read Chris McDaniel’s report at St. Louis Public Radio. 

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